Welcome to a better way of filing!

Want to reduce paper in your office and processes? Ask us about ImageSilo(tm), and how we can help you come to grips with ECM, Enterprise Content Management !

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Welcome to a better way of filing! Filing is a great opportunity area for organisations looking for maximum efficiency. Of the total cost of running a filing system, staff represent 80%, floor space another 10% and surprisingly, equipment and supplies represent only 10%. Inefficient systems cost money! (Estimates are from the Records Management Association of Australia).

FILEforce has a long history in helping clients establish modern, fool-proof, compact, durable systems. Woolworths, many government agencies and companies like Le Cornu Lewis Hancock have all updated their filing systems with our help and watched their productivity levels increase. Our system is so good, most of our business comes from user referrals. We deliver solutions for a wide range of client groups and industries as diverse as Accountancy, Graphics and Printing, Medical and Education.


Our products support your goal to work smarter, not harder.

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