About Us

FILEforce is a record and information filing and storage system specialist. We help organisations in the public and private sectors to work smarter. A filing system is the “backbone” of your organisation. Established in 1965, our company originally supplied retail office furniture and stationery products. In the early 1980's, the company identified the need for more efficient, practical and space-saving filing systems.

After extensive research, the T-Glide® System was identified as having these features. No other product has emerged that replaces or even compares to the T-Glide® system’s time saving and space saving features. In support of T-Glide®, we only sell premium filing and stationery products.

During 1983, the manufacturing arm of the business, Filewell Systems Pty Ltd, commenced production of our unique range, including the T-Glide® lateral filing system. The desire to manufacture in a cost efficient and quality controlled environment resulted in expansion of manufacturing facilities. Currently 90% of our European designed filing system components are produced `in house', in Queensland, Australia.

FILEforce services both domestic and overseas markets with its range of filing options. Franchised operations have been established in New Zealand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, with export sales to Canada, Noumea, China, Vietnam, and Norfolk Island.

From multi-national corporations to the home office, FILEforce has a product and solution to suit your requirements.