Accounting Practice Filing Solutions

Take a look, this photo tells the true story! Notice something? Each one of these photos was taken in a real-life busy practice. Unlike `staged' scenarios, should you visit one of these practices today, the files would look just as tidy as they are pictured here.

What these photos hide is the innovative hook and rail design which makes the T-Glide® System always tidy and very easily accessed.

The simplicity of the T-Glide® System makes it easy to use, and this equates to accuracy and cost efficiency.

The T-Glide® System has been installed in countless accounting firms, like Le Cornu Lewis Hancock, BDO Kendalls NQ and PKF.

As an enhancement to the standard colour-coding by client name, we have developed 18 different pre-formatted colour-coded file types specifically for the accounting profession.

Yellow represents Income Tax, Light Blue for Land Tax, Dark Brown for Costing and Billing, and so on. Simply finding the right file is faster, therefore, accuracy and cost efficiency is maximised.


Michael Lewis
Le Cornu Lewis Hancock

"The T-Glide® System always stays tidy, making it quicker to find files...and return them. I had previously experienced the real benefits of this system and when we started our own practice we went straight to the T-Glide® Filing System."


T- Glide always tidy, always easy.

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