Filing System Solutions for the Public Sector

Solutions For The Public Sector
We understand that the public sector takes information storage seriously, and our products and solutions are tailor made for your needs. FILEforce provides filing and records management systems for many public service units, including, Local, State and Federal Governments.

Less efficient records management or filing systems will be costing your department considerable amounts of time and money. The T-Glide System has been utilised by those departments seeking efficiency, accuracy and productivity. We can help you build an easy business case for this product – it saves space, is quicker to use and will virtually elimate any chance of lost files.

Special Colour-Coding...for the Public Sector
As an enhancement to the standard colour-coding by subject or department, we are developing different pre-formatted colour-coded file types, designed specifically for the public sector. Yellow may indicate one subject, Blue different subjects and so on.

T- Glide always tidy, always easy.

FILEforce has the capacity to provide custom printing on File Folders, and even to produce custom folders for you. Make sure and obtain a quote from us for your Folder needs!

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