Medical Filing Solutions

Medical Practice Records System This is a photo of a busy suburban medical centre. The situation you see here is real.....notice anything? Yes, the files are uniformly straight, orderly and, therefore, efficient. What you cannot see is the innovative hook and rail design that makes our system so easy to use.

With the growing number of medical practices seeking Quality Assurance, the need for a tidy, foolproof filing system has never been greater.

Pocket files for patient confidentiality and easy conversion. T-Glide® pocket files hold notes, letters, pathology results, x-rays and other patient information securely and confidentially.

It is the unique central rail and hook system that sets T-Glide® System apart. The files hang from the rail and are locked into place with a metal hook. This enables the files to glide along the rail.

To "unlock" and remove the file, simply tilt it at an angle.

Unlike compartment based filing, there is no frustrating shuffling of cards, folders or boxes when you need to add files to the system.

T- Glide always tidy, always easy.

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