Business Merger

On September 1, 2008, two of the strongest players in the records management business, FILEforce and Access Office Systems merged. In an industry environment that is becoming more and more regulated, compliance and accountability in relation to storage, disposal and accessibility of company records is an important issue.

Apart from the Records Management Association of Australia and various government bodies, there has been no single source of authoritative information on how to go about setting up accountable practices in records management, right down to the products and processes businesses need to adopt, until now.

The combined intelligence and experience of Rob Heymink, Managing Director of Access Office Systems, and Harry Haxton, Managing Director of FILEforce, is extensive. Both companies have been offering products and services to the records management market with long-term, experienced staff for over 30 years.

The advance of technology and data storage solutions, plus the need every office has to retain accessible records in hard copy format is the driving force behind this merger. Together, Access Office Systems and FILEforce can offer single point delivery of the highest quality records management solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

June 1, 2012 saw us adopt the FILEforce name, in order to properly reflect our ability to provide all manner of services, not only products, in our drive to help you become more efficient in the area of Enterprise Content Management for your organisation.

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