Filing Solutions for the Printing & Graphics Industry

The T-Glide Grafi System .....
Stress Free!

In the dynamic world of the printing industry an efficient filing system is vital. Surely nothing is worse than the feeling of frustration caused when you can't find that offset plate, or digital proof. We also provide a flat, hanging storage solution for CDs.

The Grafi-System provides an orderly, neat and functional filing system, tailored to suit the printing industry.

The heart of the system is the `Duo Profile', a specially shaped metal bar from which all files are hung. This means that files made are stored or retrieved with one simple movement of the hand.

Functional Job-Bags and File Folders

The Grafi-System also includes four types of job-bags and folders that have been specially designed for your line of business. And, of course, these are available in the most common print formats.

Maximise your space, minimise your frustration. The Grafi-System has been specifically designed for your industry. It should always be possible to quickly file and retrieve working drawings, artwork, lithographs etc. The Grafi-System makes this possible.

The Grafi-System is a lateral suspended filing system. There are a numerous benefits and advantages. Firstly, the time consuming task of lifting and moving materials is drastically reduced, as is damage as a result of such activity. Secondly, a lateral suspended system is easier to organise and takes up less space.

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