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Our Physical System enhancement software


Our Physical System enhancement software

    FILEforce Services

    A complete range of services to really make your life easier!

    T-Glide File System

    T-Glide a simple yet innovative system suitable for any sized business.

    Labels and Colour-Coding

    Colour-Coding Only Works With Tidy Files Colour-coding only works effectively when clearly defined bands of colour can be seen. Because the T-Glide system keep files tidy, its colour codes are always easily distinguished, making them easier to find.

    Cabinets, Shelving and Racking

    Now, instead of having numbers of pull-out draw-style filing cabinets that use up valuable floor and aisle space, Filewell offers a range of different housings providing alternatives in looks, security dimensions and capacities.

    Archival Products

    Economical and strong!