Property Management and Real Estate Filing Solutions

It's a busy Wednesday morning, the phone is ringing, potential clients peruse photographs in the window and the week is half over, when finally it comes. The one phone call you have been waiting for since Saturday.

The clients you showed through a property have called, and are prepared to make an offer. However, they have one question, “What was the actual size of the land?”. Anxiously you place them on hold and retrieve the file.

However, the file is not where it is supposed to be, and knowing that you would not want to keep a potential sale on hold, you offer to call them back. When you phone there is no the next two hours are waisted trying to call, when you could have finalised the sale then and there.

Sound familiar? There is an answer
The T-Glide® System is a lateral suspended filing system, designed specifically for Real Estate Agents. The Real Estate System incorporates the unique T-Glide upright-filing colour-coded filing system. Colour-coding only works effectively when colour bands can be clearly defined.

Because the T-Glide System keeps files tidy, the colour codes are always easily distinguished, making them easier to find. As an enhancement for standard colour-coding by name, we are developing different pre-formatted colour-coded file types designed specifically for the Real Estate profession.

For example, Yellow may represent properties listed between $100,000.00 - $150,000.00, Blue 200,000.00 – 250,000.00, and so on. This makes finding the right file faster.

What you see above is the unique central rail and hook system that sets T-Glide apart. As you can see, the files hang from the rail and are locked into place with a metal hook.

T- Glide always tidy, always easy.

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